GTA San Andreas Trainer+Cheat+Codes For PC [Updated 2020]

Download Best Cheats Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas For PC [Latest Version]

Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas Cheats For PC

Excellent Theft Auto GTA San Andreas trainer is an undertaking game created in 2004 by Rockstar North and distributed by Rockstar Games. It is the seventh-best title in the GTA arrangement, and the principal best and alluring principle passage since 2002’s GTAGrand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas car cheats download for pc.

you can play San Andreas as a third-individual viewpoint in an open world condition, permitting the player to cooperate with the game world and furthermore your companions. Players use guns and skirmish kinds of weapons to battle, unfriendly adversaries.

This game is set inside the anecdotal U.S. province of San Andreas city. what’s more, this guide is vigorously founded in California and Nevada. The territory of San Andreas comprises of three fundamental metropolitan urban communities. Los Santos, in view of Los Angeles; San Fierro, in light of San Francisco; and Las Venturas, in light of Las Vegas GTA San Andreas car cheats pc.

The single-player story follows the primary character ” Carl Johnson “CJ” an ex-gangbanger who gets back to Los Santos from Liberty City after his mom’s homicide. Carl discovers his old loved ones in confusion, and through the span of the game, he attempts to build up his old pack, conflicts with completely degenerate cops, and step by step disentangles reality behind his mom’s homicide GTA San Andreas super cheats pc.

GTA San Andreas Game, Mods


On the off chance that you recollect five years back, Carl Johnson got away from the weights of life in Los Santos, San Andreas… a city-destroying itself with pack inconvenience, medications, and debasement. Super cheats were film-stars and tycoons give a valiant effort to stay away from the vendors and posse bangers how are against them

Presently, it’s the mid-90s. Carl must return home. His mom has been killed, his family has self-destructed and his cherished companions are for the most part heading towards disaster.and his life is brimming with risk with there foes. On his arrival to the area, a few degenerate cops outline him for the crime. Cheats superman CJ is constrained on an excursion that takes him over the whole GTA San Andreas helicopter cheats territory of San Andreas, to spare his family, and to assume responsibility for the boulevards.


Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas features are in 3D graphics, and it is presented as a third-person POV. While the graphics of San Andreas is definitely a product of its time. and growing which doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own charm. Nowadays, San Andreas graphics tend to fall into the uncanny valley due to the limited technology when the game was made. you can still see why it was revolutionary at the time.

‘Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’ PC System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows XP
CPU1GHz Pentium or AMD Athlon
Memory256MB RAM
Hard Drive4.7GB of free hard disk space
GPUDirectX 9 compatible with 64MB of Video RAM
Sound CardDirectX 9 compatible sound card
PeripheralsKeyboard, mouse

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Trainer Cheats Download For PC


Here is the GTA SA Aimbot + 10000 Ammo car cheats + best Weapon it works for samp but I don’t know if it works for MTA to trainer and super cheats And cheat codes for bikes GTA san Andreas cheats superman.

How to Use Cheats

open the Cheat list and press in the game “I” to Activate and “K” to deactivate. For weapons and 10000 Ammo go to the desktop and press the buttons there. the aimbot will aim at his body and you are able to aim up or down.

GTA San Andreas Cheats For PC Full List PDF

    1. HESOYAM – Health, Armor, $250k, Repairs car
    2. BAGUVIX – (Semi)Infinite Health
    3. CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen
    4. LXGIWYL – Weapon Set 1
    5. PROFESSIONALSKIT – Weapon Set 2
    6. UZUMYMW – Weapon Set 3
    7. STICKLIKEGLUE – Perfect Vehicle Handling
    8. ANOSEONGLASS – Adrenaline Mode
    9. FULLCLIP – Infinite Ammo, No Reloading
    10. TURNUPTHEHEAT – Increase Wanted Level +2
    11. TURNDOWNTHEHEAT – Clear Wanted Level
    12. BTCDBCB – Fat Body
    13. BUFFMEUP – Muscular Body
    14. KVGYZQK – Skinny Body
    15. AEZAKMI – Disable Wanted Level
    16. BRINGITON – Six Star Wanted Level
    17. WORSHIPME – Maximum Respect
    18. HELLOLADIES – Maximum Sex Appeal
    19. VKYPQCF – Maximum Stamina
    20. PROFESSIONALKILLER – Hitman Level for all Weapon Stats
    21. NATURALTALENT – Maximize All Vehicle Skill Stats
    22. SPEEDITUP – Fast Motion
    23. SLOWITDOWN – Slow Motion
    24. AJLOJYQY – People attack each other with golf clubs
    25. BAGOWPG – Have a bounty on your head
    26. FOOOXFT – Pedestrians hunt you
    28. BLUESUEDESHOES – Elvis Models for People
    29. BGLUAWML – People attack with Rocket Launchers
    30. LIFESABEACH – Beach Party Mode
    31. ONLYHOMIESALLOWED – Gang Members Mode
    32. BIFBUZZ – Gang Control
    33. NINJATOWN – Ninja Theme
    34. BEKKNQV – Women Talk to You
    35. CJPHONEHOME – Big Bunny Hop
    36. KANGAROO – Mega Jump
    37. STATEOFEMERGENCY – Riot Mode
    38. CRAZYTOWN – Funhouse Mode
    39. SJMAHPE – Recruit Anyone
    40. ROCKETMAYHEM – Recruit Anyone
    41. CPKTNWT – Blow Up All Cars
    42. WHEELSONLYPLEASE – Invisible car
    43. ZEIIVG – All green lights
    44. YLTEICZ – Aggressive Drivers
    45. LLQPFBN – Pink CArs
    46. IOWDLAC – Black Cars
    47. EVERYONEISPOOR – All Cheap Cars
    48. EVERYONEISRICH – All Fast Cars
    50. FLYINGFISH – Flying Boats
    51. JCNRUAD – Cars Blow Up Easily
    52. SPEEDFREAK – All Cars Have Nitro
    53. BUBBLECARS – Moon Car Gravity
    54. OUIQDMW – Free Aim While Driving
    55. GHOSTTOWN – Reduced Traffic
    56. FVTMNBZ – Country Vehicles
    57. BMTPWHR – Country Vehicles and People
    58. ROCKETMAN – Spawn Jetpack

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Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Updated Version [2020]

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What is the cheat to skip missions in GTA San Andreas Trainer?

Well in GTA SA you cannot skip a mission but you can skip a path traveled in a mission by trip skip. Trip Skip option will appear only when you have failed a mission thrice or more than that. It can also be triggered by pressing T key if and only if you’ve failed a mission more than thrice.

How Do You Get GTA San Andreas Trainer For Free Pc?

Getting Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free is very straight forward. All you have to do is download for pc the Rockstar Games Launcher from the official website, and create a Social Club account. Once you launch the program, you’ll see a copy of the in your library.

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